Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Katie 4.0

As a person who supports software for a living, I'm very familiar with operating system/software updates that are applied randomly throughout the year.  New releases often contain new product features and fixes to current software problems.  Upgrades, hot fixes, and bugs are all terms I became all too familiar with when I jumped into the technology world.

New Year's Eve is my birthday.  And this year is a big one. 



4.0 !!!

As a new decade in my life approaches, I love the thought that this new year, my fortieth year, I am upgrading my software!  I'm getting a reboot. 

Years 0-39 were dedicated to identifying the "bugs" in my body, and more recently applying "hot fixes" to some nagging, never ending, medical issues.  At times, years 0-39 were very long and arduous!  Thankfully, in my pursuit in becoming the best version of myself, I have discovered what makes my operating system most effective and efficient. 

Do not be fooled! It took years to unlock the mystery. Um, like 38 to be exact.  Of course my journey is not complete.  At least I hope not.  I'm just midway through, year 40, just a mere pit stop!  

I look forward to the positive upgrades that are in store for me this year.  I pray for extra grace for the bugs that are sure to occur and wisdom to be able to apply necessary hot fixes to my ever changing operating system.  I welcome the new release of Katie 4.0 and look forward to what it has to offer!

Happy New Year! 


Anonymous said...

Well said, Katie. And welcome to the 40 club... Finally!! I will tell you years 0 to 38 developed a fantastic person whom many adore. Glad you are pursuing the best you even though you are the best already to many of us. I totally get the health importance. You know I do!!n

Anonymous said...

Love the concept of a "Operating System" update! A new year a new you! Happy New Year. - Sara