Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mirbeau, Take Us Away!

Life. Classically balanced.”  Mirbeau Inn and Spa is the perfect place to regroup and rejuvenate, body, mind and spirit.  After our first visit, Aaron and I promised each other we would return once a year to do just that-regroup and rejuvenate.  Prior to children, we couldn’t comprehend how a marriage could struggle and hit hard times.  Let’s face it, we didn’t set out after our honeymoon and aim for a stressed, exhausted, calloused and at times starved marriage.  Long days turn into months and before you even realize the pit you’re in, it has been years since you have been away from the kids for longer than 24 hours.  This isn’t planned.  It just happens.  At least that is part of our story.
  A few years ago we were so tired from all that our life entailed that we literally escaped, minus children (of course with the help of our moms) for 3 days to the countryside.  Mirbeau welcomed us with open arms and enveloped us in love.  Our only priority was to rest and recalibrate our mind, body and spirit.  And that we did.  Since then, we seem to hit a wall come the end of January. Fatigue, irritability and coldness seem to settle in. Maybe the lack of sun has something to do with it; but we both feel the urge to escape and feel the warmth that only Mirbeau seems to provide. It has been tested and found to be exactly what our relationship needs to remind us why it is we fell in love in the first place.  We have found in order for our marriage to improve and grow we must tend to it.   
  Booking our getaway is really one way we prove to ourselves and each other how important a brief retreat is for our love.  If love is a verb, than we must act on it.  Mirbeau retreat booked!  After all, it is the love month. 


Jackie Saville said...

I cant agree more with the need to make time for your spouse & yourself alone. I've heard people say real love shouldn't be so much work - well wake up. it is! Anything worth having is worth working for/fighting for. Its so easy to let your children take over your day to day life & before you know it you've gone months without a grownup conversation with the one person most necessary for a happy marriage. I rambled a bit here - but I just wanted to say I love your blog! And I also love Bruce!

Katie said...

How true- spoken from a seasoned wife and mama. You make both look so easy. :) Thanks for your comment!!!