Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Avocado goodness

A few years back I began my love affair with coconut oil. 

There are a gazillion wonderful uses for this fabulous oil and one of my favorites is cleansing/moisturizing my face and body.  During the spring/summer months I occasionally “wash” my face with coconut oil. 

In the winter months when my skin is really dry I use an essential oil infused tallow to wash my face.  I know it sounds gross, and I will be very real….even with the oils, it does smell a bit deep fryerish.  But, I love how it makes my face and skin feel.

So, it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary when I had left over avocado and decided to make a face mask out of it.  Impulsively, I smashed the green goodness and rubbed in onto my hands and arms.  After testing my skin to make sure I didn’t have an adverse reaction, I marched up to my bathroom, washed my face and plastered mashed avocado all over my face and neck.  After 15 minutes, I rinsed my face and it felt ohhhhhhhh soooooo good.  

Bonus: my face and neck have had a beautiful glow for the past two days.

I LOVE how real food can be used for so much more than fueling our body.  It only makes sense that it could be good externally too! 

Double Bonus:  killer avocado dressing (thank you Amanda for this delish recipe!) 

1 pitted avocado
1/4 cup champagne vinegar
1/2 cup evoo
1 tsp lime juice
salt & pepper to taste
blend all ingredients in magic bullet (or like mixer) 
the dressing is more like a whipped cream and it's SOOOOO good. 

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