Friday, September 2, 2011

Feast or Famine

As a teenager and young adult I looked very forward to the end of June.  In the Northeast this is typically when school is released for summer vacation.  As a child this meant endless carefree hours of swimming and hanging with friends.  As a teen, summer meant endless hours taking swimming lessons, teaching swimming lessons and waitressing to earn money for college.  Post College and the calendar seems to change a bit.  Many of my friends are teachers, and this means from September to June (minus a few vacations in between) my friends disappear.  Add husbands and children into the mix and, well, they nearly become extinct.  By the time summer rolls around I have all but given up hope on our friendship, and lo and behold they return to me; all at once I am inundated with friends!  To my sheer delight my social calendar fills up and no longer do I have to rely solely on family to entertain and amuse me (although they truly are my favorite people in the universe!)
Initially this took some time to work through; an adjustment of sorts.  Summer typically whizzes by and as the days become shorter, I know our time will quickly come to a halt.  At first there is a bit of withdrawal; and just as soon as my husband works through the shock (he becomes my primary listener and forgets just how many words I use in a day) the days start to get a bit lighter and longer and I look forward to the sweet smell of summer, and with that the return of my desperately needed and valued teacher friends. I’m sad to say, the time has come and summer has once again come to an end.  I’m getting my last fix.  I will look very forward to sporadic phone calls, late night walks and Tuesday night bible study dates. I have become a pro at this.  Don’t forget to return to me, my amazing teacher friends!

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