Monday, August 29, 2011

Blessed School

If I'm being honest, as the title of this blog implies I am, then let me just say, with every cell of my being and all the love I have to offer, I am counting the SECONDS until my beloved offspring go back to school!  There, I have offically said it!  If I could figure a way to have one of those nifty timers inserted here that counts the minutes, hours, and days I would, but that would require more uninterrupted time, and I'm lucky enough to be able to get this blog written.  In the interest of full disclosure, we are all sitting at the dining room table writing.  Children are writing apology sentences to the babysitter- yep, out of a scale of 1-10 (1 they get sent back to Mars; 10 they get to pick something super fun to do or eat) they got a first it was a 3, but then I think she felt bad, and knew they were totally doomed, so she had mercy and upped it 6.  Let it be said, my kids know how to work down a babysitter. Only the strong survive. Many a day I have admittedly waved the white flag. Hopefully she will be able to hang (she has older brothers) because Morgan the babysitter extraordinaire has gone off to become college educated...(not sure what good that does anymore)  she'd be better off learning to be a plumber- she could write her own ticket!!.  Yikes, don't get me started on that tangent.....!

Back to my kids and how much I LOVE Mrs. Pryor and Mrs. Sullivan, their respective teachers.  Not only is Fall my favorite time of the year since I have become a parent of school aged children, the first week of September has become an celebrated week for me. I remember back when Wyatt was 10 months old.  As I watched children hop on the bus, with tears streaming down my face, I called Aaron at work to request in advance (5 years to be exact) him to take a day off from work, to help comfort me as we sent our firstborn off to school for 7 whole uninterrupted hours.  Aaron did go into work late that beautiful fall morning. Wyatt boarded the bus (a pro), however I was not the pile of tears I thought I would be.  Nope, I thanked God he had gotten me through 5.9 wonderfully long years, and said another prayer of thanksgiving for the saints at the school who would prove to be such a gift to our son.  If I have said it once, I will say it a billion times: teachers are true heroes in this world.  Each year I gladly write my school tax check and know that I can never thank them enough for all they do!  It amazes me when Christmas time comes, and I hear the begrudging attitude fellow friends have as they talk about what to give to (or not) their children’s teachers.  As far as I am concerned I would rather give them gifts than get from Santa.  And yes, I put my money where my mouth is. There have been very lean years my husband and I went without and teachers (yes nursery too) received tokens of our complete appreciation.  Never as much as I would like to give, that wouldn’t be possible.  Their value is priceless.  I think I will dedicate September’s blog to teachers.  So if you feel lead to comet here or facebook, give a shout out to all the fabulous teachers you know, and let them hear or see how much you value them!

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