Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It was the year of Rain Man, Big, Crocodile Dundee,U2, George Michael (father figure....still love that song) and MJ's famous Dirty Dianna....(love that song too!)  In the world of a 12 year old girl that covers the important things in life: movies and music.  September 7, 1988 was my first day of Jr. High and if I remember correctly, I think I wore a rugby shirt with a pair of Guess jeans and had more hairspray in my hair than I care to remember.  After all, first impressions are essential, especially when you're sizing up fresh batch of boys, and potential new girl friends.  Oh, I remember that day like it was yesterday, butterflies and all.  To think, some of my very best life long friendships were made that year. Who knew a guy that I so lovingly called FALK would become my husband 14 years later to the date.

September 7, 2002
 Keeping with September's teacher appreciation theme, I must give shout outs to some of my favorite teachers: Mrs. Havener, Mr. LoBello, Mrs. Haldenwang and Ms. Rater not only did an outstanding job educating, they did a great job relating and dealing with teenagers.  That in and of itself it such a gift to be able to share.  On the other side of the spectrum, I can think of a handful of teachers who took up space, consumed air, and are the reason why tenure doesn't work.  Clearly I'm not bitter; my worst class in 7th grade- ENGLISH!  It probably didn't help that the teacher didn't have a stitch of personality and had words on the wall like: osmosis & onomatopoeia.  A few of my favorite words now....!  I couldn't find any pics circa 1988 but I found some circa 2002.  Nine years ago today, happy anniversary FALK!

Friendships & Family...nothing is better.

Lifetime friendships made in 7th grade!

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And many more happy anniversaries to come!