Saturday, August 13, 2011


Everyone needs a chance to vacate: to leave behind; a retreat from reality, a break; rest.  The ability to regroup and become refreshed it is necessary; primal really. One thing I especially love about the location of Loon Lake is the lack of Verizon cell service.  This can be a blessing and a curse.  Last year many of my work transactions were imploding while I was gone.  Unfortunately when you’re self-employed you don’t just leave business behind for someone else to handle.   For better or worse, you are attached to it.  As it played out, it was to be Aaron’s year to be working on vacation- not ideal, to say the least, but necessary.  Especially when you are trying become refreshed and renewed.  Even more annoying when you are trying to work from (up in the Adirondacks) vacation is the temperamental satellite service especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate.  None the less, by Wednesday Aaron was in relax mode.  Thank G.O.D.!! 
Sunday after a rocky start, complete with melt down’s all around we finally hit the Adirondacks and attempted to let the stress melt away. Within minutes of getting to the Lake, Wyatt and Emma had befriended a few kids: playmates for the week- PERFECT!
Emma and Emery
Monday morning brought about an early fuzz ball game (which I beat the pants off of Wyatt) followed by a nice swim at the lake.  Although it started to rain, it didn’t bother us.  We swam in the rain and marched up to the lake house in a down pour.  We decided to pack a picnic lunch and snacks and head Northwest.  Not 20 minutes into our adventure we hit blue bird skies with a beautiful mountain backdrop.  We stopped at the Lake Placid Winter Olympic ski jump training center and had a blast watching the athletes practice, and enjoyed taking the gondola up to the 130m tower. Being that high solidified what I already knew, those ski jumpers are CRAZY!!!  Thankfully I got cell service and texted one of my longest and dearest friends, who amazingly enough was at their vacation home in Lake Placid.  Within minutes we had formulated impromptu plans that included swimming, dinner and s’mores at the White Face Lodge (heaven!!!)

Tuesday and Wednesday seem a bit of a blur.  Nonnie and Popie arrived early, much to the kid’s surprise!  More swimming, building rock walls, hunting toads, reading, and resting took place.  Aaron and I took a much needed drive alone back to Keen Valley and poked around some incredible shops.  Oh to have boat loads of money.  I did purchase a snappy hat and dreamed of a thousand other things.  As I tell Wyatt, it is great to appreciate the beauty of things…but they are just that…things! Our highlight Wednesday was date night at barVino, North Creek, one of our favorite places on the planet.  Aside from mouthwatering food, a simple but modernly eclectic interior and a wine selection that is insane, we were treated to an incredible musician whose talent, both vocally and instrumentally is a gift from God. It was so pleasurable to be sitting next to my man, (who looked h.o.t.) and have all my senses completely satisfied- a true gift.  The moonlight on the Hudson River was icing on the cake, as we stopped to enjoy one lasting minute of our date.  Oh how delightful simple pleasures can be. 
Thursday ushered in my mom’s 62 year, so true to form, we all appropriately sang “Happy Birthday” at 7:30 am.  An all day campfire burned, as a trip back  into North Creek  to Café Sarah provided scrumptious apple Danishes and doughnuts.   We lounged, road bikes, read and rested.  After all, isn’t that the purpose of vacationing!!!  Dinner at O.P. Fredrick’s complete with cake and ice cream followed by a Frasier and Cheers marathon made for a great evening.
Unfortunately all vacations must come to an end.  We packed up, cleaned and procrastinated.  No one wanted to leave.  We do have such a nice time.  Pizza at Pete’s Ahh hit the spot (North Creek really has some great eateries)!  A quick dip and search to quench my rock obsession made both mommy and kids happy.  We pulled back into town ready for a new week, already looking forward to our next escape!

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