Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cashing In

A humongous thank you to all you blogers that click on the advertising ads that flash on the side of my blog!!!!  I think in all actuality it is only a hand few, but my faithful followers have helped me earn over $100.00!  Really, I got my first check from google a few weeks ago.  I promised I would take my co-workers out for lunch with my earnings, and I promise I will keep my promise once the kiddie cats are back to school! 

So keep clicking away....!  Funny side note.  The other day Aaron was reading my blog and said, "why do you have a Christian dating service on your blog? (it happened to be the ad that came up when he logged on) of course he clicked on it and continued to fill out the questioner...(which isn't necessary btw....)  I had to remind him he is happily married! 

So what ever ad happens to pop up thanks for clicking on it!!  It really has paid off.

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