Saturday, August 13, 2011

Never Say Never

And no, I'm not referring to the catchy Justin Beber song I blare while driving in the car with my kids.  I'm referring to this seemingly blanket statement that seems to haunt me, day after day, year after year.  Apparently I am a slow learner; you would think I'd know better.  Clearly my firstborn and I are more alike than I realize- we learn the H.A.R.D. way!

Wyatt is a spirited wonder (as he's so lovingly called) wickedly wild and full of more energy than Niagara Falls.  If only I could figure a way to harness all of his energy, I'm positive I would never have to live on the grid!   We live a few blocks away from our city park where Pop Warner football is played.  Sunday mornings on our drive to church we would pass the park, cars lining the streets as far as the eye can see.  As a toddler Wyatt would always ask to stop and watch the game. Often we were happy to oblige. My husband is more of an extreme sports guy (white water kayaking, telemark skiing, triathlons, etc.) and although he played football in high school it isn't something he devotes a whole lot of time to.  He rarely knows who is playing in the Super bowl.  Thankfully, Wyatt and his Papa frequently bond and are known to watch football  quite regularly (for Halloween this past year, Wyatt was a cross between The Lone Ranger and Tim Tebow- a sight to be seen!).

Early on I swore I wouldn't allow my boy to play Pop Warner Football.  Especially now, they start so young!  12 seemed like a pretty good age and considering Wyatt just cleared 50 pounds I thought I could put it off a bit longer!  I held my ground as long as I possibly could. Really I did.  And up until now I had won the battles but not the war.  Aside from Wyatt being a peanut I really couldn't fathom the grueling practice schedules.  I'm talking serious parental commitment here: 20 hours of practice prior to pads, and then an additional 20 hours with pads prior to their first game.  OMG- say goodbye to August!  Sure I knew a few of the details, but I had no idea all that it entailed (I think the powers at be like it this way)!

Serious talk about football came during baseball season.  Wyatt continuously dropped hints and I ignored until one night  he was practicing the art of persuasive communication and he ended his plea to play football with this statement, (complete with gestures and all) "Mom, I have waited my WHOLE life to play Mitey Mites!  Please mom, please consider it!"  It was all I could do to keep a straight face while I saw a future defense attorney in the making.  After hashing out the pros and cons (way more cons than pros) we relented and signed him up. 

$70.00 registration fee
$40.00 candy bars to sell (which of course we have eaten all but 3)
$25.00 mouth guard and girdle
$40.00 miscellaneous

$175.00 and 4 days later, to watch my boy run off the field after a 2.5 hour practice, beaming from ear to ear, saying "I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!"


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