Friday, August 5, 2011

The Great Lake Erie

Lake Erie, Ohio


Lake Erie is a special place to me.  Not only is there breath taking beauty  to be found on the white sandy shores, but it was the setting where life stood still, warmth permeated my soul and I became reborn.

I inherited an amazing family when I married my husband.  Quite frankly there are endless cousins, aunts, uncles, great-greats and friends that have been around so long they have become family.  Every shade of the rainbow is represented, and the love they exude is contagious!  This year Uncle Glen & Aunt Nancy hosted their eldest granddaughter Tyra's High School graduation at their lake house on Lake Erie.  Many traveled state lines to be together and enjoy each others company.  For three days we spent countless hours basking in the sun and sand.  As Emma and I searched for beach glass I was entranced with the incredible colors of the rocks, the various shapes and sizes, different shades of blue in both water and ski.  Such colors that could only be dreamed up by the creator himself.  Truly indescribable.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end.  Sunday morning, we woke and headed to the beach one last time, before packing up the sunscreen and sandy beach toys.  It was a brilliant morning: warm air, faint breeze, crystal clear water, and only one other family of three had claimed their spot on the private beach.  As Aaron taught Emma the art of skimming rocks, I continued to marvel over the beauty that surrounded me.  Over three days I became prisoner to the lure of these amazing rocks.  Hunched over, as I watched the waves sweep over my sandy feet, I instantly had a deep desire to be baptised in the lake.

 As an infant I was baptised and accepted Christ as my Savior as a child and then several times after just to make sure (I know, I know, ye of little faith).  I believe baptism to be an outward expression of faith, but certainly not needed for salvation.  For whatever reason, I felt a spirit inviting me into the water. I ran my idea past Aaron (he is my litmus test when I get an idea...)  and marched up the 75 stairs from the beach to the lake house, I found Aaron's Uncle (an ordained minister and retired VP of marketing for MFG) and privately asked if he would baptise me  (just a real quick need to make a big deal out of this).  As I proceeded back to the beach I explained to Emma what was going to happen.  Aaron was excited for me but amazed I didn't bring my camera to capture my big moment.  To me that was the whole point.  This was between God and me; no need for fan fare and ceremony.  As the minutes went by I wondered if Glenn had been distracted and forgot our date down at the lake.  Several minutes later Wyatt lead the group of 10 witnesses that were to observe my baptism.  Glenn read from the book of John, and as I listened to the details surrounding Jesus' baptism, I faced the sun and felt such an intense peace filled warmth wash over me.   As I was led into the water I was keenly aware I will always be a new creation in Christ.  For me that truth surpasses all understanding.  In Him, I am refreshed, renewed, reborn.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kate! You, the experience and the writing.