Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Real Estate 101: Selling

Tis the season for planting For Sale signs it the yard-Spring!  Especially in CNY, when the thermometer hits above 45 degrees, two consecutive days in a row, it is like an old fashioned HEAT WAVE.  Drivers zoom around town in their sparkly washed cars, windows down, radios on! Walker, runners and bikers have a bit more spring to their step (or pedal respectfully!) Phones start ringing in my office at a rapid rate, which this time of year is a blessed sound!  It is the season to SELL!  To all my bliggty blogging friends here are a few helpful hints for those of you getting your house ready to hit the market:     
 First and foremost remember- you are selling a product.  Especially in today’s real estate environment, buyers are purchasing a product.   Not the house where you fell in love or raised your babies or have 50 years of memories boxed up in the attic.  This may sound emotionless and that is exactly the point.  Emotions need to be taken out of selling equation.  This is a business transaction, a very EXPENSIVE business transaction.
 Finding an agent who is honest and tells you what you need to know versus what you want to hear is crucial!  Especially in today’s market.  Any agent can walk into your house, sweet talk you and whip a listing price (usually about 20% higher than the market bears) out of thin air.  My selling friend, this isn’t helping you, in all actuality it is hurting you!  Basing your selling price on actual comparables (like style homes that have sold within the last year) is the BEST way to determine the value of your home.  Using an agent that is familiar with the area you are selling in is of great value.  
DECLUTTER! DECLUTTER! DECLUTER!  Unless you live like the Amish (with whom I admire more than I can say) my rule of thumb is reduce your furnishings by 1/3.  The goal you are working towards is making your home look, but, more importantly FEEL larger.  This allows buyers to roam freely through the house, without bumping into furniture, and hopefully, allows them to envision their life beginning right there in your living room.  BINGO…after all that is what you want!
      If you have any questions or thoughts regarding all aspects of real estate, please feel
free to check out the link to my work website.  I would love to hear from you; better
yet, plant a For Sale sign in your front yard! J

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