Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Black Box

This time of year as the winter days seem to carry on, and on, and on I tend to look forward to simple things.  This week I had something extra special to look forward to.  As I walked to the mailbox, I wondered with giddy anticipation if my little black box would be waiting for me.  Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised (!)  there it was!!! Some look forward to tax return checks, others eagerly anticipate important correspondence or an empty mailbox void of bills.  Not me- I look for my little black box!!!

Over the years, I have found few products that compare to M.A.C makeup.  To say I am addicted to this glorious makeup, might be a bit dramatic.  Admittedly, I have few other products in my makeup bag or purse.  Okay, truth be told, I have only 1 lone product that isn't M.A.C. 
Our love affair began over 13 years ago in France of all places.  I was visiting my younger sister who was studying in Cannes for a semester.  A fellow roommate from Washington State had these magical makeup products that transformed our face.  We played makeup for hours and then hit the Cote d’Azur all glammed up.  Their eye, lip and facial products truly transform a face, and when your naked face needs a little help (as mine does) this is a must have product!!  To say I am head over heels in love with these products, really doesn't describe how MUCH I love this makeup.  A few of my faves: Jest eye shadow, Mineralize Skinfinish and Foundation, Gleam Lipstick and Oh Baby & Explicit Lip Glass.

Give it a try: Once you go M.A.C. you never go back!

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Amanda said...

Oh my god I have been using Jest for years! I love it!! I agree, MAC is great!