Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet Spot

A few years back, I headed into my driveway and didn’t really know what to think of the sight that I was witnessing.  Outside, were my children (5 & 3 at the time) and my dad.  Obviously, both grandmas were unable to watch the kids; I must have been desperate- hence my dad (JUST KIDDING!)  My dad is a great father, but an even more incredible papa.  Anyhow, it was late summer and the crab apples were out in force.  Emma was on the front step chomping on her binky.  I noticed smashed crab apples EVERY WHERE!  I mean EVERYWHERE.  It looked as though a million crab apples had exploded all over the front lawn, driveway and road.  I’m not sure who was happier: Wyatt or my dad.  Wyatt is the first boy in my family, and he is SO much like my father, in so many incredible ways (for better & worse!).  “Watch mom!”  WHACK…. EXPLOSION!  “It’s The Sweet Spot, mom!  When you hit it just right.  BAM.  It feels GREAT!”  Some have said parents are their children’s best educator.  For me it is just the opposite. My kids have taught me more than I thought I needed to learn and Wyatt’s words couldn’t have been truer!  When you get it just right….it feels SO good!   
Many moons ago, I loved to go to the driving range and hit a bucket of golf balls.  I’m not much of a golfer; considering I have the patience of an ant, I last about 5 holes, and then I’m bored.  The driving range proved to be a great stress reliever, especially on occasion when I would drive the ball a solid 250 yards, dead straight.  Ping….  “The Sweet Spot!
Thankfully over the past year, I’m beginning to recognize and remember “the sweet spot!” in life.  How essential it is in creating intrapersonal harmony and balance. If I’m being honest, something I’ve craved for a long, long time.  How thankful I am for a little boy and his grandpa, who have reminded me the importance and joy in finding “The Sweet Spot!”

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Anonymous said...

May you experience that sweet spot---time and time and time again. Hit it out of the park Kate---you can do it.