Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shakin it up a bit

One of Emma's favorite movies is the Bee movie.  She received it for Christmas last year and we just love it!  One of her favorite scenes in the movie is when Berry (the star bee) is going through is closet looking for something different to wear.  Emma does a mean, "let's shake it up a little!!'  We laugh and laugh listening her mimic the line.  Well, for many of you veteran bloggers you may have noticed something different about my blog; as Emma says "I'm shaking things up a bit!"  I'm thinking this is more fitting for Fall and Winter. No worries, come Spring, I'll have some snappy colors for you to enjoy!  Let me know what you think- do you like it or not?  Does it bring out the world traveler wanna be in you?  It does me.  Here's to pretending I'm in France...! Cheers.

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