Saturday, November 19, 2011

6 Years Ago...

Was very similar to today. It was a gorgeous fall day, complete with warm sunshine, powdery blue sky with just a hint of warm air; enough to encourage tidying up any last bit of yard work for the year. I can remember the day as though it were yesterday (amazing, as my memory isn't what it once was...). It was a typical Saturday and I was busy entertaining and keeping alive a very active 22 month old Wyatt, who never seemed to stop. From the moment he awoke to the time he fell asleep, my boy knew one speed: NON STOP!

The previous night I spoke with my older sister Kelly and mom who were headed to New York City early the following morning to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and although I wasn't sad I wasn't going (I had seen it before and yep it was spectacular) the idea of speeding 3 1/2 hours on a bus at 37.5 weeks pregnant wasn't my idea of a good time. "Are you sure you aren't going to have the baby?" they asked, indicating they would forego their trip if there was the slightest possibility of me going into labor. "Go, and have a good time!" It told them, and meant it.  The chances of me going into labor 16 days early was highly unlikely, and even more unlikely would I go fast, as I was in labor with Wyatt for 27 hellatious hours!

So that Saturday morning  they called to check in at 10 am and then noon and  I didn't have anything exciting to say. Around 1:00 p.m. I put Wyatt down for a nap and headed to my bed for a rest. Weird, I thought to myself, that felt like a contraction, 15 minutes later another one.  Odd.  I shared my concern with Aaron, who was outside changing the oil in his car, and he offered, "Remember last time Kate? If you think you are in labor you probably aren't! (the first time around we arrived in Syracuse a bit early to say the least!) He suggested I rest and thought I would be fine. After speaking with my friend Jett who had a bit of experience in this department, she suggested I time the contractions and see how I felt. Thank God for women! I really understand why for centuries men were not allowed to be part of the birthing process....very little help! 30 short minutes later I knew I was in labor. I knew I needed to get to the hospital and fast. I knew I wanted to kill my husband who was still frogging around with his car. Honestly!

 I called my dad, who came to sit with Wyatt, who was thankfully still sleeping. With break neck speed Aaron drove me to Syracuse. I attempted to call Kelly, but couldn’t speak mid contraction. Oh, I couldn't wait for drugs. Really STRONG drugs. Drugs that would make me feel very little pain, oh, how I clung to that hope. Finally at the hospital, I got checked into my birthing room and had a minute to think how very different this experience was from the last. This time around it wasn't as bad (with Wyatt I had incredible back labor and was dumb enough not to use drugs.) Hurry up with the drugs already, how long could it take? And then came the crushing news: I was too far along for drugs!!! 10 cm dilated, fully effaced and ready to push!!! OMG! One look at Aaron and I knew I had all the ammo I needed for a lifetime! Never again, would I look to my husband for advice regarding my body! Never!

Push I did, and 33 minutes later, Emma Kate burst onto the scene, as precious and sweet as she could possibly be. I was expecting her to look like her big brother. She did not. She had the sweetest almond shaped eyes, perfectly round face and very high cheek bones. And once she was all cleaned up she looked like a beautiful porcelain doll. Perfect in every way. To say my life has been blessed by the birth of my daughter is the understatement of the year. My baby girl has captured my heart in a way I didn't dream possible and I thank God daily for gift he blessed me with. Happy 6th birthday to my sweet, sweet Emma Kate!

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