Thursday, October 27, 2011

Politcs, politcs, politcs!

Recently I was asked to write a letter to the editor supporting a neighbor who is running for re-election in our local city government. Today, as I was cleaning, I was briefly interrupted by two gentlemen out walking in the rain/slush, (or whatever it was that was falling from the sky) canvasing fellow constituents, sharing opinions and offering their goals on why they should be chosen come this election day.
The first election result I recall watching was President Regan's win of Dukakis in 1988. I can still see the feel the soft shag rug I was lying on as my family watched Mr. Brokaw share the latest election results. To my innocent eyes politics seemed exciting.  That night the election was called in favor of Regan.  Over and done.  No contesting, no recounts, it wasn't drawn out for days, weeks and months.  I guess it was the good ol days of politics. 
I am amazed and encouraged there are still good people willing to roll up their sleeves, put differences aside and find common ground to address real problems with real solutions.  Not theoretical solutions, but honest to goodness REAL PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS! Amazing, right?

Thank you to all the politician's who put people and the country they serve first.  Your tireless, and at times thankless work is what makes our communities and country great!
Politics aside: GO OUT AND VOTE!

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