Thursday, October 27, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

Clearly the title of this post would make for a better Thanksgiving entry, however, this past week at Bible study I was challenged by this concept, and for some crazy reason it stuck with me. I applied it and had such a pleasant week, filled with lots of great surprises- that is, if I was willing to see them that way.  Currently, this week has proved to be much more challenging than last week, something I considered impossible!  I never cease to be amazed in the way God moves.  Sometimes it is a faint whisper; other times it is a 2x4 hitting me upside the head.  Needless to say, this week  I felt Him speaking with a whisper that crescendoed into a loud WHACK (2x4).

The current bible study I'm doing has been just what I needed!  In every way possible and I just love when God does that!   Some seasons I'm able to sink my teeth into a thick, juicy Beth Moore study (love her!!) Kelly Minter has great material too!  But, this Fall our leaders switched gears and hopped aboard the Lysa Terkeurst train and OMG this study it rocking my world!  It is light but heavy, quick but thorough, funny but meaningful, challenging but not overwhelming.  It's just what I need this particular season in  my life. 

For those close to me, a sentence they might offer to describe me, among good stuff of course (grin) is: "Kate complains a lot. "  (That kind of sounds like a Dances with Wolves tribe name doesn't it?)  Anyway, if I'm being honest it is a true characterization.  I do.  I complain about the MOST ridiculous things.  And to justify my complaining, I simply say,"I'm just being truthful."   I'll offer a small example: "MY KIDS ARE SO LOUD." And this would be true.   My children are spirited and loud, but what a blessing to have spirited children who happen to love to talk....even if it is extremely loudly! 

Each night after I kiss them for the hundredth time  and thank God for the opportunity to love so richly, I also thank God for the handful of women who I call friends, that more often than not, listen to me vent, without judgement or solution.  Something I will be eternally grateful for!  Yep, this Fall it took a bible study to help remind me of one of my many faults, and inspire me to redirect my attitude and give gratitude.  What about you, what has been your catalyst for an attitude adjustment?

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