Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As I have stated before, I don't consider myself a huge risk taker. I like to see the big picture in its entirety, and if I can't well, then, I guess I'll pass. This really is an oxymoron for me as I consider myself to be a pretty spiritual person. Faith plays a major role in my life. However, walking in faith requires a good amount of risk; not always knowing the outcome. Risk requires an element of faith. Faith requires an element of risk. You can see my dilemma!

I have always been far more serious than I wish to be.  I envy those who laugh on the drop of a dime, you know, the ones with a deep, hardy, contagious Julia Roberts laugh.  Most certainly I try to be light hearted; in effort to combat this I have started watching Frasier before I fall asleep. Grin. Actually I think it has done my adrenals a bit of good; ending my day on a happy note. But my point it this: life can be excruciatingly hard, downright depressing.  Thankfully, it also can be light- even funny.

 I am always amazed at the courage it takes to put out into the world that which nearly crippled, pained or maimed a person. There is such wisdom is life experience, especially if you are open to learning life lessons from others. The power of a testimony can be live changing.  Two of my favorite books one by Bear Grylls, “The Kid who Climbed Everest” and “Hansi, The Girl Who Loved the Swastika,” by Maria Anne Hirschmann depict huge personal triumphs that resulted from monumental life hardships.  I am so inspired what the human body, mind and soul can endure. What I find even more amazing is the life message and hope that can be gained from one soul to the next by opening up and being willing to share.  We all have a testimony; a story to tell.  Are you willing to put yours out into the world?  

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