Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunshine on a Cloudy day

We all have seen the commercial that depicts depression.  A rainy day, the inability to get out of bed, side effects of depression that even affect mans best friend... the family dog!  At times depression hits as a gradual, insidious, wave that slowly gains speed, slamming its capture and hitting like a tsunami.  Other times you just don't feel right and there can be times you can't remember feeling good.  Often depression goes improperly undiagnosed and untreated or even worse, its victim gives up hope and takes their life.

Today my heart was flooded with sadness as I learned a senior in our high school committed suicide.  I can't begin to fathom the grief and sorrow his family and friends are experiencing.  Simply, there are no words!  I do know this- depression is real, it is serious, and it can be conquered!  It is not my intention to open this blog for dialog or discussion.  I simply want to state, life is to precious, it is sacred!  If you know someone who suffers from depression, encourage appropriate medical counsel, offer to drive them to an appointment, advocate for them to continue their medicine, and offer to go for a walk. 

Most of all remember it is not your job as a loving friend or family member to become or replace the role of a professional.  PERIOD!!!  Let me say it again!  Depression needs to be addressed by professionals!!!

I have been described by many as peppy, outgoing, extroverted, chatty, loud, ect.  Few would guess that naturally I am shy and introverted.  Over the years (primarily 13-25) I have worked to become outgoing and extroverted.  Yep it is true. Like many readers I know the various aspects of depression.  I have been bruised by its effects and witnessed the damage it can leave in its wake.  I also know the success that can be reached by tireless effort to overcome a very debilitating state of mind.

Sunshine is an amazing thing.  For the young man who took his life, it is my desperate prayer his family will someday feel the sunshine again.  For any of you, who know what its like to feel hopeless, remember the sun will come out tomorrow.  That is a promise!

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