Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

Each year as Mother's Day rolls around, I am continuously reminded of the blessing of motherhood. Whether you are a mom, have a mom, know a mom, or have always longed to be a mom, it is undeniable how humanity has benefited, all because of a mother's love.  Love that is colorblind.  Love that is patient.  Love that is selfless.  Love that weeps. Love that can heal.  Love that can move mountains.  A mother's love knows no bounds!

I realize the privilege of motherhood.  I understand the gift of being raised by a mother whose love continues to be selfless and endless (SHE gave ME a mother's day present....!) I married into a family that lavishes love upon all who enter their home.  As I get ready to write my children my annual mother's day letter, I think about all of those who are motherless; children that have been left to fend for their own.  Of course it is much easier to pretend this doesn’t exist.  It does.  In my neighborhood. City.  Country.  World.  I know, it really is too much to wrap your mind around.  As you celebrate a special mother this weekend, please consider praying for those who don't have a mother.  Check out this amazing site and pray for its ministry.  There is such power in prayer!

Happy Mother's day!

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