Saturday, May 14, 2011

Keeping Up

I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend.  Aaron had just left for a run, so the kids and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful evening we were enjoying.  A bike ride sounded like a perfect plan.  Wyatt has been riding his bike for what seems like years, and Emma, although two years his junior, has been riding training wheel free for over a year.  Unfortunately where we live, at the top of a long hill (without sidewalks) makes bike riding a little tricky.  Typically we just walk our bikes to the flatter part and take off where the sidewalk starts.   Apparently I was just being lazy and tired out from a long week.  Wyatt and Emma thought we should ride down the hill, and I was just too tired to negotiate.  So off we went.  Well, to make a very ugly story short here’s what happened:  Emma took off after her brother (who was bajaing down the neighbor’s yard) misjudged (aka didn't slow down in time) a rock wall and flipped over it!  The bike literally dropped off a ledge about 2 1/2 feet; she landed on her handle bars and hit face/forehead first on the driveway.  OMG!!!  I literally saw her life flash before my eyes.  Thank God, she was fine.  Although I’m not sure I will ever recover.  I still feel sick to my stomach when I think about it. 

But here is the point of this blog.  How often are we trying to keep up?  Emma is always trying to keep up with her brother.  He is a tough act to follow.  I remember always wanting to do what my sister, six years my senior was doing.  I was forever wanting to keep up with what she was doing.  I'm sure this is fairly typical.  Being content seems to elude me.  It is something I am aware of, and it really hit home to me this weekend as I watched my daughter nearly kill herself, as she tried to keep up with her brother.  We live in a society that continuously bombards us with the "latest and greatest" must have_________.  It is IMPOSIBLE to keep up with what everyone else is doing.  I always remind my husband, that his email inbox will ALWAYS be full.  He reminds me, I need to take my own advice.   I am so thankful tomorrow is Sunday, and according to a rugby song I use to sing, "Sunday is the Lord's day!" For me, tomorrow will be a day of rest.  Not because I am caught up on work, laundry, cleaning, and cooking, but, because I know, trying to constantly achieve being caught up, can be potentally hazerdous to my health!

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