Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Love Month

Who doesn't like a little romance?  Who can honestly say they don't like the idea of Love.  I think my favorite form of love is a verb.  Yep, a verb; as in an action. One of Webster's definitions of love is the following:

My sixteenth summer I spent the month of July in Spain.  I never realized or paid much attention to the fact that I used the word “love” a lot.  So much so, that within days of me living with my host family, they found it necessary to share with me their correct Spanish version of "love".  Me (pronounced may) encanta was what they taught me.  I started taking note of when and how and why I would say the word love.  At sixteen these were a few of my “loves”.  "I love America," or I love a Pepsi with ice and lemon," or "I love my sisters," or "I love mint chip ice cream," or "I love Michael Jackson," or "I love that outfit," or "I love to swim."  You get the idea.  Clearly my vocabulary was pretty limited at 16.  "Me encanta!" summed it up perfectly for me, and it sounded really romantic too. Fast forward 19 years and my co-workers will tell you that when I bite into a REALLY good burger, I will go on ad nauseam with how much "I love that burger!" 

 Me encanta has stuck with me.  Who knows why, but it has me thinking, especially as we head into the "love" month.  Is the overuse of the word love such a bad thing?  For me, the answer is yes and no.  I certainly don’t want to wear it out; especially when I am trying to convey with depth how I feel about someone or thing.   I understand how it can lose its luster.   For me it is a vocabulary quandary.  I really do love a lot of things; even now.  Me encanta a great read, me encanta a dinner at AnCora!, me encanta my bed, me encanta a Beth Moore Bible Study, me encanta snuggling with my loved ones.  The list really is endless.  So the question remains.  Do I continue to use the expression love to describe how I feel?  For now, yes; that is until I find a better phrase than “me encanta!”

Listen to this song.  David looks kind of wacky in this video, but I really LOVE this song, and think you will too!

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Pastor Steve said...

Great thoughts, Kate! :o)