Friday, February 4, 2011

What Language Do You Speak?

Emma’s love language: FOOD!  My girl can eat, and eat she does.  ALL.DAY.LONG!  Quite frankly this drives me insane!  Each morning she needs to know all of her choices (sorry, but for breakfast they don’t vary all that much).  As she enjoys her meal, she chit chats, gets distracted a thousand times, needs to be reminded to “sit” in her seat endless times and of course this is just breakfast- 1 down 4 more meals to go!  UGH! 
A few years ago I discovered a book recommended by the great Gary Smalley; Gary Chapman’s, “The Five Love Languages.”  It was so insightful and really got me thinking about love in a different light.  In essence Chapman’s book broke love down to 5 languages:
  1. Acts of service
  2. Quality time
  3. Gifts
  4. Physical touch
  5. Words of affirmation
Interesting concept I thought: A language.  As we all know, language varies in all different manners, and although I  am not about to dissect all the elements of specific languages (way out of my league) it did get me wondering what love language the four people living in my house spoke.  If we all spoke the same language, well than, GREAT!  My suspicion was we didn’t.   NOT SO GREAT!  As I delved into this a bit deeper, I realized if we all spoke different languages, than it would behoove us to have an understanding of the following: identifying the language each of us spoke and more importantly what that looked and sounded like.
In an  ideal world we would all speak the same language.  If we are up on our bible reading we know God had something else in mind (Genesis 11:8).  I’m not sure what God was thinking, but I know my household would run much smoother if we all spoke the SAME language.  I’m sure my husband would tell you there are certain days he doesn’t have a clue as to what I’m saying! Vice versa, of course!  What I love about this book was the challenge for me to identify my own language, and equally important, to understand those closet to me.  At first this was a daunting task; I have a lot of people I love in my inner circle.  However, I understood the importance of learning how to effectively communicate! 
This being the “love” month, what love language do you speak?  Take it one step further, pick someone in your inner circle (by no means is this bound to romance), find out what their love language is, and learn to speak it! 
*I have added one more category out of familial necessity: FOOD*

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