Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Oh, the weather outside is frightful....well, not really here anyways.  Frankly, I think the driving was worse yesterday!  Oh well.  I am delighted for all my teacher friends because I know they secretly pray for snow days everyday; my kids too for that matter!  I am always reminded how much I love teachers.  Really, they are amazing people!  I consider them special agents for God, especially the ones who captivate and love your children.  I digress... back to snow.  This is what we do when Mother Nature dumps a little white stuff our way. 
Wyatt pausing for only a minute!

Skiing on a blue bird day!

How about you? If you are home because of this winter wonderland, what are the fun things you do? Do tell!

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kelly1 said...

I took a snow day oath long ago. I pledged to NEVER question WHY a snow day was granted. I promised to assume that the roads were treacherous, and that the risks were too great. I have lived up to that oath, and refuse to analyze, only REJOICE!

Hmmmm, can you guess my profession?