Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An A+ Teacher

Tuesday nights are bible study nights.  And this means date night with my girlfriends.  There is something so incredibly wonderful about being in the presence of my friends, in the presence of God.  For me it is an energy I need; a life line (literally) if you will.  The leaders branched out this fall and shook things up a bit.  A 6 week study instead of 10-12 weeks... way more manageable; and settled on a different author (we have camped with Beth Moore for a few studies, with whom I have learned SO MUCH) who I am REALLY liking A LOT!  But I digress, this blog really isn't about bible study; it's about my friend who is a teacher, and if you're a follower of this blog you'll remember my feast or famine blog.  Well, tis the season of famine, and I am just settling into my new "friendless" routine, but before you start feeling bad for me, don't, before I know it there will be a school recess of some sort and my friends will come back in droves. 

 I dropped Heather's book off to her tonight and proceeded to get an hour of much needed Heather time.  Oh she has an energy that makes me shine like a light bulb.  I LOVE being in her presence!!  The good, bad and or ugly I just love her in every which way!  She made a pretty profound statement as we were talking about the start of her school year, which I'm happy to say, has gone beautifully for her.  She said this and I quote, "I have fallen in love with teaching again.  It is about relationships, and for the first time in a LONG time I'm putting curriculum aside and putting kids first!"  WHOA!  Imagine that, a teacher putting children and relationships above curriculum.

 Now, for those of you who aren't blessed to live in the great state of New York or have teacher friends, you probably have no idea of the INSAINE standards and INSAINE curriculum criteria that is being shoved down children minds.  Granted I'm not the brightest blub out there, but really, it has become almost laughable if it wasn't so serious and so scary; especially when you consider lower socioeconomic school districts.  Really.  The same curriculum is expected to be taught ( AND LEARNED) in both the private school (with smaller class sizes, higher paid teachers, latest and greatest technology, money for extracurricular activities, ect.) and public school alike (with HUGE class sizes , lower paid teachers, modest technology and NO money for school supplies let alone extracurricular activities, ect.)  And this is just a minor tip of the enormous educational nightmare/ iceberg, which will have Titanic size ramifications if parents don't step up, voice their concern and DO their part!!!  For me it's writing a blog (based on my limited experience and from what peers share) and hoping just one person might be incline to do something in their web of influence.  I really do believe in the power of ONE.  Thank God Heather has the peace (that only GOD can supply) to put relationships with children above curriculum.  In my book, that makes her the VERY BEST kind of teacher!!!

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