Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Trip

As a mom of two small children it remains important to me to create fun life long memories.  I typically shake my head in disbelief as friends talk about various trips they take with their small children. Truth be told, at 5 and 7, I haven't traveled by car further than 2 hours...MAX! I know my limits.  My husband is King of the road.  He has driven cross country a few times, and loved every mile traveled.  Me not so much!  Not only am I not a huge fan of the "journey" or the "road less traveled", I particularly don't care for all the preparation that goes into the road trip.  As I remind my husband continuously, "the little ferries" don't swoop in and efficiently pack the car.  Finally, much to my husbands sheer amazement I willing and happily agreed to make a road trip (of course, with children) to Ashtabula, Ohio for our Cousin Tyra's High School Graduation.   The count down began the day school ended, as I continued to remind our kids, "we go to Jaylin's after school ends for Summer Vacation."  It was like Christmas countdown the week prior to our departure.

True to form, days prior to leaving were crazy busy.  Although I did my best to make sure the kids were well rested, lets just say, between playground, Morgan the babysitter extraordinaire, coupled with hot summer days, left my kids somewhat rested at best.  The day before take off, I worked, packed for 3/4  people, made two trips to Wal-Mart for last minute items: extra sunscreen, water shoes, allergy medicine, snacks, ect.  Of course Aaron reminded me in the case we needed something, there would be a Wal-mart within a 5 minute radius of Ashtabula.  That isn't the point; I like to be prepared and prepared I was.  I must give Aaron credit where credit is due that night he did vacuum and mop (so the house would be picked up upon return) and then settled in for his nightly viewing of the Tour de France.  His theory- "why pack the car the night before, when you can wait until the next morning."  Exactly.

Friday morning the kids came in bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I was 5:30 and they were ready to roll!  Aaron having completed his morning run, showered, packed his gear and was ready to roll.  Kids book bags packed, check.  DVD  players/headphones, check. Cooler and snacks check.  Beach bag, towels & toys check.  Clothes and toiletries, packed.  Ipod, phones, cords, books, glasses, contacts, ect. Packed.  Tour bike and gear, check.  All set for take off.
Not 10 minutes into the  First Falkenmeyer Family Road Trip Emma asked, "ARE WE THERE YET???? Followed by, I have to go potty!" She proceeded to ask 50 more times until we pulled into the beach house.  Believe or not the trip West was painless.  Actually it was bearable; rather enjoyable.  Once we reached the hotel I began to unpack and get everything organized.  As we headed out the door, I reached for my make-up bag to touch up just a bit.  No make-up bag.  Sheer PANIC set in.  NEVER in ALL of my travels, have I forgotten my all important BFF.  NEVER.  I frantically searched everywhere, to no avail.  Aaron saw the crisis that was ensuing and  offered these comforting words, "Babe, I love your naked face and besides I'm sure Bethany would gladly let you use her make-up."  Incredulous, I thought he was joking.  He was dead serious.  I replied,"honey, I'm sure she would gladly allow me to borrow her make-up, however....Beth is BLACK!!!" Aaron replied."So, that won't work??

 Honestly, at times, I really question his intelligence! After a small melt down on my behalf and realizing the nearest MAC makeup store was a solid few hours away, I did what any mom wanting to make great memories for her kids would do: threw on my beach hat, grabbed my swim suit, headed for the lake and went foundation free for 3 whole days! 

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