Thursday, July 21, 2016

Open Farm Day

I am thankful my husband encourages me to try new things.  For years he had been talking about how “fun” it would be to go to the local “Open Farm Day.  Admittedly, I’m not much of a farm girl.  Remember, I‘m bubble girl…allergic to everything in nature, so tromping around the countryside really isn’t my idea of fun!  And let’s just say farms have a tendency to smell, well... gross! None the less, I acquiesced, and with family in tow, we set out to pay a visit to local farms in the area and see what they had to offer.

1st Stop: Empire Buffalo!  Oh my GOSH! Have you ever seen a baby tatonka up close and personal? We channeled our inner Dancing with Wolves and had best time learning about buffalo.  Fun Fact #1:  Did you know bison meat is leaner than chicken?  No, me either.  Fun Fact #2:  Did you know Empire Buffalo are completely grass fed and bison meat contains high amounts of Omega 3 vitamins? No me either.  Fun Fact #3: Bison meat is OH. SO. GOOD!  Well, this really isn’t a fact, as my children would be quick to point out, but rather my humblest opinion!  How exciting for us, we enjoyed great Bluegrass music, munched on delicious bison BBQ, and left with new information and meat in hand.  SCORE for us!

We had the grandest plans to hit 4 or 5 farms; however, we spent so much time admiring baby tatonka that we only had time for one more farm.  I dare say we saved the best for last!

Last stop: Ingallside Meadows Farm! Aside from this farms incredible curb side appeal (I’m talking straight out of Country Magazine) witnessing beautiful Amish children running about, well, that nearly did me in.  As we walked onto the property, the perfectly manicured vegetable gardens, flower beds and the property itself left me speechless- a near impossible feat. The property is GORGEOUS!  As we milled about, Daniel the proprietor gave tractor draft horse pulled wagon rides to tour the land and animals.  We hoped aboard and Daniel wowed us with his incredible insight regarding his land and animals and how they are raised. He spoke my love language.  He used words like: grass fed, pasture raised, NO KERNEL of CORN ever touches my cows lips, NON GMO, grass, worms, apple trees and land.  When I asked how he kept the beetles off the veggie plants, he sheepishly smiled, and replied, “We pick them off by hand”.  SOLD! Sign me up!

It was instant love!!!  No.  Admiration is a better word.  I felt so blessed to witness such a gorgeous farm.   To observe land and animals in their natural glory was such a treasure!  We eagerly purchased a beautiful bouquet of handpicked flowers from sweet Lily Beth (Daniel's beautiful blue eyed daughter) and pork, beef and chicken from Daniel.  We left incredibly encouraged to have met a family who works so hard to care for and cultivate both land and animals.  Really, I felt as though we had been given a gift!  And I hadn’t even tasted the meat!

I started the day appeasing my husband in “Farm Day” and ended the day in awe of his genius in making us go.  Not only did I leave with a renewed hope in humanity, but I found a farmer and his family whom we've grown to love as dear friends and whose animals I rely on exclusively to feed my family!

Local friends, I encourage you to check out “Open Farm Day”! Check out the link for more info. 

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