Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In the name of TRADITION!

Traditions come in all shapes and sizes.  I admire those that hold tight to their, decorations, parties. etc.  Traditions aren't one of my strengths.  They just aren't.  Good news for me,  my mom has certain  traditions she holds near and dear to her heart.  Specifically, bringing her girls and grand-kids to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

When she first broached the subject of going this Fall, I agreed my tribe would go if she made all arrangements. Truth be told, I didn't think she would do it.  True to her word, with a little help from my sister, she arranged all the details. Every last one!  Now we were obligated to go.

We decided we would rent a van, drive to Croton-Harmon and take the train into Grand Central Station.   Perfect.  Well, not so much.   Friday I came home to this in my driveway.
Not what I had in mind!

Emma and I were horrified.  Aaron and Wyatt delighted.  Needless to say, the creepy white beast went back to the lying car rental shop, and we came home in a smokey, white Ford Explorer.  Not exactly the 7 passenger van we were promised; but, with windows down, charcoal air freshers working their magic, we were NYC bound!

The ride was a blast.  With all kids and husband alike, plugged into their respective electronics, my sister, mom and I were able to catch up.  So far so good.  Walking from Grand Central to the hotel, I snapped a photo to capture the moment and that was the last I saw of my cell phone.
Upon hotel check-in I realized my phone was missing.  Assuming the worst, that it was stolen of course, I quickly took action and deactivated my cellular services.  I was without technology which felt like I was missing my right arm!  I refused to let this minor but costly annoyance steal my joy.

On we went. It was the perfect sunny, warm Fall day to enjoy the rocks at Central Park and the  unencumbered incredible view from One World Trade Center.  We raced from the Freedom Tower at a snails pace in a famous yellow cab to the hotel to quickly meet the rest of our group.  The main event was just moments away.  As we walked through the hotel doors headed to Radio City, well let's just say, one of us literally headed the glass door and split her eyebrow wide open!

Radio City in all her glory!
My poor, sweet, sweet mom, who went to great cost and great lengths to carry on such a loving tradition, stood a bit shocked, with her gloved hand applying pressure to her split eyebrow.  Quickly Karen and I took over as she insisted she would not miss the show!!  After assessing the situation I stayed back with mom and dressed her eye as the rest of the crew went on ahead.  A split eyebrow (that really should have had 2-4 stitches) was NOT going to keep my determined mother from carrying on with tradition! Much to my complete dismay I bandaged her up and we made it to the rest of our family before the show started.

Here's the kicker: 10 years ago to the week, my mom was carrying on with tradition with my oldest 2 nieces and my 2 sisters watching the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, while I was home birthing her 3rd grand daughter! Legend has it, no one really enjoyed the performance, as mom was very bitter she was in NYC watching a show, while I was home laboring! forward 10 years to the week, mom sitting at Radio City with 2/3 daughters, 3/5 grand-kids, completing the tradition.  Head injury and all!

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