Friday, November 16, 2012


4200 gallons of water can cause an enormous amount of damage!  Within 24 hours my parent’s home was all but destroyed by 4200 gallons of water.  All because a $5.00 plastic cap no longer did its job.  Utter devastation. Complete frustration.  And a million prayers of thanksgiving because damages incurred by water were covered by insurance.  They were lucky!
So often I see news reports of Natural Disasters where water is the enemy..  Tsunamis that wipe out villages.  Hurricanes that leave mounds of devastation for miles and miles.  Flooding water that rips children from a parents grasp.  Sheer Horror.!
The destruction and damage created by an essential natural resource (we would die within days if withheld) is unfathomable to me.  Maybe I’m a little more sensitive these days as fellow friends and family are still reeling in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. More destruction. More devastation.
Clean water is essential.  I am blessed to turn on my tap and have free flowing cool water.  Others are not so fortunate.  I am keenly aware of this.  And because of this blessing I am called to do more; to be the change! You too can bless someone.  You too can give LIFE to someone.  There is such opportunity to make a PROFOUND change.  To the right of this post is an awesome organization that provides water to those whose government cannot provide clean water. Click the compassion link and make a HUGE impact on a life that will forever changed because of YOU.  Because you are blessed, you are called to do more.  I’ve vowed to take my current disdain for water and turn it into something positive.  If you feel as helpless as me as you see those suffering because of the destruction caused by water, I encourage you to forego your next  cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and BE THE CHANGE!

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