Friday, November 16, 2012

Freeze Frame


Look at those BEAUTIES!

Look MA!!! BRACES!

I’ve known all along when baby teeth are replaced with adult teeth that it isn’t all too long that other changes are soon to follow.  For me there is something so innocent about a smile full of beautiful pearly white baby teeth.  Oh how I love a big ole grin with those white beauties shining back at me.  Needless to say I didn’t share the same thrill when my children placed their prize positions under their pillow, waiting with anticipation for the tooth fairy visit.  In fact, it took the fairy two days to make her grand arrival.  As my collection of loose teeth rapidly grows so does my disdain for adult teeth!  
Thankfully Emma's beauties refuse to cooperate and have fallen out at much slower rate.  As for Wyatt, baby teeth have been replaced with a mouth full of metal adhered to crooked adult teeth, with the hope that round 1 of braces will make way for additional baby teeth to fall out and adult teeth to make their grand entrance.  Baby faces transform to teen age jaw lines and unabashed school pictures are replaced with conscious smiles that guard the metal grill.   Frankly, I was devastated when I saw Wyatt’s 3rd grade school picture. No pearly whites smiling back to me.  He looked SO GROWN UP.   As I flip through photos that seem like they were snapped yesterday, I’m reminded just how fast time goes, and before long, braces will be removed and our kids will be teenagers…. Lord, please have mercy on this mother’s soul!!
If granted 3 wishes, I would use one to freeze frame this time in life: Ages 6 & 8 are DEVINE! 

Beautiful Baby Teeth!

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