Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Beautiful Reward

The girls exploring
So a few months back we started on a really fun adventure, well  it has been for me anyway, and if my husband is being honest I think he would agree.  We became the owners of 6 sweet baby chickens.  Before I go much further, it must be known, I am NOT an animal lover.  EASY pet owners who dress up their animals...it is all love here!    Truth be told, I never really got it- at all!  But, for whatever reason I thought it would be a great idea to be chicken owners.   My sisters thought I was crazy when I announced I was buying chickens.  My husband thought it was just a phase.  My dad said I had lost my mind, and I of all people wouldn’t be able to stand the smell of chickens.   As much as I hate to dispute my dad, he was dead wrong.  THEY DON’T SMELL ONE BIT (yes the potential is there, but isn't that the case with anything?!).

Considering we go through roughly two dozen organic eggs a week, I thought this was a brilliant idea in combating my extremely high grocery bill.  What is better than having a pet that can actually provide something of substance like the incredible edible egg!!   Now, I’m not sure if there will be a return on our investment, I won’t tell you how much I’ve actually spent on my 6 friends, but the point is, beginning last week, each day the kids and  I walk to the chicken coop and collect our beautiful reward: Gorgeous EGGS! 

Isn't it a beauty!

Not only do my cluckity clucks as I so lovingly call them provide doubled yoked gigantic eggs, they give us so much entertainment!  These days my ideal evenings are spent lying in my hammock watching the girls hunt for bugs and feeding them watermelon out of my hands.   And, as if on cue, each night around seven o’clock Naughty Nelly and Plymouth Rock maintain their posts on our gate fence to guard our backyard.  Who needs a guard dog when you have chickens?  Heck who needs a dog or cat when you can have chickens???  In my humble opinion they are the perfect pet!  I think my man and kids would agree!

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again. Glad the clucks are doing well. We'll be over for scrambled eggs in a couple weekends. :-)