Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome the Babies!

Signs of Spring are surly popping out everywhere this winter/spring.  It has been an incredible winter for us Northerners for which I'm so thankful!  My tulips are coming up and birds are singing their songs- for sure it must be spring. 

Last year I was visiting a friend and I noticed chickens walking around in her yard.  Because we live in a city, I didn't think chickens were allowed.  I was shocked to learn they had them for years.  She went on to tell me how much her family LOVED having them as pets.  Yes, that is right PETS!  My kids and I checked out their run and coop and brought home 6 gloriously huge fresh eggs (they were beyond delicious)!  Thus sparking my interest with chickens. 

The fact that I am bubble girl did not hamper my dreams for raising backyard chickens. After checking with codes to make sure that I wasn't breaking the law I presented the idea to my man.  To which, I don't think he gave it much thought. I dropped it, for a day, and then true to form I raised the idea again.  The thought of fresh organic eggs peeked his interest as well, considering, we typically spend $40 per month on eggs!  The research began.  Obviously, I was concerned with safety/health issues.  I was pleased to learn with proper cleanliness, this wouldn't be an issue.  Our lawn is fenced in- no issue here either. Perfect.  Done deal.  Not so much.  I needed to wait until Spring to get the chicks as they wouldn't be able to winter over as babies. 

Last weekend I thought it would be fun to go and see if there were any chicks at the local TSC.  My kids and I fell head over heals in love!  Nothing cuter than baby chicks.  But, just like puppies and kids, they grow up, sometimes they are still cute and wonderful, sometimes not so much!  What would my plan be if I didn't like them say in 6 months, my husband questioned, as we left TCS without any baby chicks... After thoughtful consideration to Aaron's question, I informed him we would eat them!  He conceded, and bright and early Saturday morning we became the proud owners of 6 (NY state law minimum BTW) precious chicks!  3 New Hampshire's, 2 Plymouth Rocks, and 1Orpington : Pecker, Tweeter, Poker, Heinrich, Fritz, and last but not least Katie (to remember Emma's friend that is moving...).

Say hello to our beauties

Finally, pets for my kids to love!

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