Friday, March 16, 2012

Look What YOU Did!

A few months ago ( 4 ) to be exact, I threw out a challenge to all my fellow bloggers and followers, in effort to raise money for what I believe to be such a worthy cause.  Simply, I asked readers to click on the right side of my blog page and click the advertisement link. Every time an ad was clicked this produced money that at the end of the month I would personally receive.  Cyberspace advertising- it is a beautiful thing! 

The challenge was this: for $100.00 earned by clicking on the ads, I would personally donate $100.00 to Charity Water.  Within two weeks the $100.00 was raised.  True to my word, November 30th I sent a check for $200.00 to Charity Water. 
This is what we did.  Collectively with others we did this!  Charity Water

Granted, $200.00 might seem like a drop in the bucket when the goal is $1.2 million dollars.  However, as we see firsthand, every precious drop (dollar) matters! 

PS- Because there were so many abnormal clicks on my blog site, my ad privilege was terminated.  In the interest of full discloser, my intention was NOT to abuse this method of advertising.  After all, I did order my Christmas cards from a site that popped up on my blog that I wouldn't have normally used- so there!

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Anonymous said...

ALWAYS thinking. Always giving. Great idea!