Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glimpses of Grace

They are all around us.  Really.  But here's the thing, we must slow down long enough to identify them, and then choose to see them, really see them.  Gratefully I was reminded of this, this morning as I leisurely lounged on my couch, cup of tea in one hand and box of tissue in the other.  Mysteriously a Women of Faith DVD ended up at my house, in the mail pile, opened....hum.  I didn't recall ordering this DVD however it had my name on it.  Maybe, hopefully, my mom thought I might benefit from it and had it sent to me.  You know, her subtle way of saying but of course not saying, "Kate, I think you should watch this."  I love the way she has come to make suggestions....oh how I adore her.  Anyway. Today is the first complete Thursday I have had entirely off since last April.  Really, I have no idea how working moms do this full time work thing day in and out for like a really long period of time.  GRIN.   I have a feeling I'm about ready to embark on that journey, however, that is a blog for another day.  Back to my leisure Thursday.  Because I have the "mother of all colds" (as my sister would say) I deemed this to be the perfect day to watch the DVD. 

I love and highly esteem the WOF speakers.  Each one always has something so great to offer.  I haven't been in a few years so I was extra excited to watch!  To my surprise their outfits (which are always incredibly darling and fashionable) looked similar....their stories were familiar... come to find out the segments that were used for this DVD, I had already seen, live in Rochester, with my best girlfriends.  Okay, I thought, apparently God thinks I need to hear this material again.  He was right.  It was about God's Infinite Grace.

Grace, I do believe that is my favorite word in the English vocabulary.  Grace; unmerited favor.  Grace; undeserved blessing.  Grace; a gift.  Grace; undeserved mercy. Personally I have benefited from all sorts of grace.  Just this morning, because both Aaron and I were sick, we stayed in bed way longer than we would have, had we been feeling well.  We chose to laugh at the fact we are sick again, and be thankful that we're not really sick!  Grace. 

 A few days ago, I walked into work to find a McDonald's Caramel sundae with extra caramel and extra nuts waiting for me.  That's right, at 7:45 I dug in and enjoyed every delicious bite.  Grace.

 I've received charity from those who have more.  Grace.
 I have known the blessing in giving to those who have less. Grace.
I've been reminded to seek Him when I can't see through the fog.  Grace.
 I've clung to Him, when I literally couldn't make sense of a situation.  Grace.

  And for today, (and hopefully tomorrow too) I'm choosing to see all of the tiny glimmers of grace that equal one wonderfully infinite gracious God!

** Patsy Clairmont is among my favorites!**

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Anonymous said...

Amen sister! Good to be reminded of the pluses (+s) in life. Hope your Friday is as good as your Thursday.