Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Thoughts

Is it really possible I haven't posted a blog in over 17 days....? Wow, I think that might be a record for me.  I've missed you fellow bloggers!  I've thought of you often, however, this New Year has blown in lots of change for me personally and our family.  I won't bore you to tears with all the details, but it has left me with very little time to think, let alone be creative and blog.  Admittedly, I really have missed it.  Blogging is such a fun outlet, but enough about that.  On to more important things to discuss!

Tim Tebow.  Yep I'm going there!  My dad was a great athlete back in the day and lives to watch college and professional football.  He doesn't have a particularly favorite team, he likes them all.  He and my mom bet against one another and typically my mom picks the under dog.  A few years back the name Tim Tebow started buzzing around their house.  Soon my mama became a die hard Florida Gators fan.  Obviously, because he's yummy eye candy I too started following Mr. Tebow.  I was blown away by his conviction and courage to literally profess his faith on his face in front of millions.  In many ways he exemplified the total package: Brains, talent, looks and most importantly character.  Finally, a sports hero for my boy to emulate!  Fast forward to this Fall.  It was so much fun to watch him play.  Talk about up down up down. What I found most refreshing was how humble he was and continues to be.  Nothing better than seeing him down on his knees, eyes closed, lips moving, PRAYING!  Imagine that.  PRAYING!  Not swearing or dropping the F bombs after horrendous plays, but praying.  Not blaming his offensive line, or his receivers inability to catch his crazy throws.  Not making excuses.  Praying.  I could give a million more examples bit I won't. I will simply say this, "I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE Tim Tebow!"  Aaron does too for that matter!

Wii.  Santa brought Emma a late Christmas present, after her dune buggie went over like a, well, big fat dud!  That silly Santa found a present left over in his sled with her name on it, and shipped it directly to her from the North Pole, wrapped and everything!  We have had such fun!  What rock have wii been under?!

Wyatt became a "man" last weekend.  Yep, that is right.  He was asked to go hunting.  With tears of excitement in his eyes, he looked at me and said, "MOM, tomorrow I BECOME A MAN!!!"  And then he proceeded to scream and jump around the house like a crazy person for 5 minutes!  Seriously it was precious!  Needless to say Aaron, Scott and Wyatt didn't come home with any throphies.... just lots of stories! 

While Wyatt was bonding with Aaron at a 'Cuse game, Emma became "a lady".  I know, that might be stretching things, however, she did get her ears pierced!  A BIG DEAL! Really, I think she even looks older.  Ugh, my kids are growing up!!!  I guess that happens, that get fed, watered, put out in the sun and magic they grow. Before I know it, we'll be prom shopping or something of that nature..... Oh God help me!  For now, I will enjoy tucking them into bed and look forward to crawling into their beds at 6:00 a.m. when they are 16 just to say "hi!"

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Anonymous said...

I so agree, with comments on T.T. quarterback. It IS about time that someone with a great platform, and who is successful, states what is so clear----football is a game--just a game---a fun game to watch--but still A GAME---and there are MANY OTHER SERIOUS issues that need attention--let's give it. And T.T. DOES give attention to some of those issues. God Bless!