Thursday, December 1, 2011


Clearly I'm a few days late, actually one week to be exact. I had every intention of posting this blog on the day our country gives thanks for its blessings, however, life happened and this Thanksgiving I rotated from bed to couch (giving thanks for the bed and couch) with the Flu.  So better late than never.

A few of the things I'm thankful for (no particular order):

Natures Sunshine adrenal formula, as this has been crucial in resetting my cortisol clock.  Legs that can carry me on a walk.  Legs that walk.  The Simple Wife.  Moms, sisters, friends that sweep in and do what needs to get done, because simply, "they get it!" My Tempur-Pedic bed.  Snuggling with my kids.  KLOVE. Lemons. Sea Salt. Catherine The Great. My Siesta Mama (and all my siesta's) who continue to grow me in my faith.  My man who demonstrates his love for me by emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry and cleaning the bathroom all without being asked.  MAC makeup. Medicine that keeps me sane (for now....).  My chiropractor that challenges my mind and corrects my body on a much needed basis (for now....).  Parents and loved ones who keep me in their constant prayer.  My God who loves me always and forever; to infinity and beyond; who sent His Son to die to save me from myself.  Grace.

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Anonymous said...

Keep singing, playing, dreaming, praying, working. You're not the Conductor--but you do know and love Him. Smart Girl.