Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Real Deal

This is going to be brief...but I really feel the need to share with the masses my little secret...the bottom line-when I love something I have to tell the world, especially when I am having PROFOUNDLY positive results!  For those of you who know me personally (for better or worse) you know how much I love Chiropractic care.  I have had a gazillion adjustments, and have been adjusted by some very good doctors.  I don't share this lightly- the ULTIMATE adjuster/Chiropractor I've worked with to date is Dr. Travis Goff.  He has no idea I'm blogging/bragging about him but I feel a bit guilty not sharing with the world about  his gift. 

Highly recommended by a few of our friends, and complete with Aaron's endorsement (Travis worked on A after a triathlon) I walked into his office a bit skeptical.  He is a BIG dude and looks more like a professional football linebacker than doctor....(yep, I was sizing him up).  Initially I was a little annoyed to have to go through my whole song and dance with yet another doctor (that particular month was a dozy).  When he started to question me about my magnesium and supplement cocktails I became a bit defensive.  But then, we had a Jerry McGuire, "you had me at hello" moment.  He said these two words,  "Estrogen Dominance."  It was as though the clouds parted and Jesus himself walked into the treatment room!  OMG this was the FIRST doctor I had ever worked with that knew anything about adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance!!!  And he is a CHIROPRACTOR for the love of God!!!    Not only is the man brilliant (he blows my mind) but he gives an adjustment that will rock your world!  And if that weren't enough...he does killer muscular work too!  Yep, we are on the family plan, and are all benefiting from his adjustments!  Complete with a Wii in his office, it is Wyatt's favorite place to go!  Thanks Dr. Goff for sharing your talent!  You are the best kept secret in town!!!

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