Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pity Party

 Guess what? You are invited! Yep, I'll be your hostess with the mostess and I promise to lend an empathetic ear or tissue.   Really, whatever you need; after all you are my guest. I will fix all sorts of fun snacks, compete with Pellegrino (my new fav), wine, juice, scratch the wine, unfortunately it won't be that kind of party. There will be plenty of chicken soup for your soul, and enough orange juice to go around- I promise! What? You say, you might drop in for a minute....awe, I was hoping for a real hum dinger of a party. You know, with lots of peeps, so we could all swap stories of how crappy we feel; your typical misery LOVES company party.

This Monday after being pricked and stuck by several needles (I’m talking 40 plus, people!), all to determine what I'm allergic to or more surprising, what I'm not allergic to- think bubble girl here (!), I left the office ready to itch off my swollen, red balloon sized arms. And to make matters worse, I was supposed to endure all of this while, being a mom, and NOT taking any allergy medicine for the next TWO days. Sounds like a good time, right? A real party.

Thankfully, I had prepared for this and headed straight to my chiropractor.  Literally, I flopped on the table. I couldn't think. No really, I could NOT think. He would say something to me, and I was unable to process the information. All of a sudden my brain was NOT working.  Dr. Goff, being the good doctor he is, attempted to explain to me why this was happening. My response was short and curt, (don’t start to feel bad for him, he can take it!) as I blurted, "Considering there is NO way I can comprehend what you are telling me. Just tell me this: Is this normal?  Yes or No only." His response, “Yes."
PHEW....I wasn't cracking up or going brain dead.

 Yesterday, after a hellacious day, that started off on the wrong foot, and went from bad to worse (I won't bore you to tears with the details) about mid-day (2:30 EST) with a raspy sore throat, pathetic cough and a nose that needed a stick of dynamite to unplug, I found myself, once again, plopped on my chiropractor’s table. Oh yes, I am on the family plan, which thank GOD any good, humble, thirsty doctor subscribes to, when first starting out. "Ouch," He offered. "Yeah, don't even go there," I replied. Once again he attempted to explain to me why I looked and felt like I'd been run over by a train.

All my feeble brain could understand was this: when you get allergy testing it attacks and depletes your immune system, and can cause any minor sniffle to become a major cold with flu like symptoms (due to a compromised or stressed immune system).   GREAT. REALLY? CRAP! UGH! I should have planned better; being sick is not what I had in mind this Thanksgiving week. Case in point, your invitation to my Pity Party! 

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