Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Estate: Selling 101 Habitat

  Around these parts it is spring break, although you would never believe it is "spring" as the thermometer hasn't passed 45 degrees all week; to make matters worse it has been rainy. Leave it to my 5 and 7 year old to make lemons out of lemonade! Rain being a minor detail didn't seem to phase my  kiddos as they declared they wanted to go outside, in the rain and create a "habitat". 

Side note: Wyatt just finished learning and writing about habitats, so who am I to squelch my blossoming academia's spirit, especially when it offers me a moment of covenanted silence!  I am always amazed with my children's inventiveness and creativity (they clearly get this trait from their daddy!)  We have a gazillion toys which they never play with, and $1500.00 worth of wood (swing set/ fort) that they could play in.  But no, that would make sense.... they much rather CREATE their own "habitat".  This is what they came up with....

Not bad from a practical and structural point.  Of course Wyatt was the engineer who designed it; Aaron stamped the plan.... (they thought of everything!)  According to Emma, “when we are done living in it, you can sell it for us mama!”  PERFECT.  It is ALL figured out. 

So what do you say, how about I plant one of my For Sale signs at your "habitat"?!

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