Monday, April 4, 2011

Pretty Little Thing

There I was lying on the table, looking at the picture (I could barely make out) on the black and white monitor.  And WHAM there it was so obvious I didn't even need the highly skilled ultra-sound technician to identify what I was looking at.   This precious baby growing inside me over the previous 21 weeks was.....A GIRL!  My husband and I were STUNNED...SPEECHLESS!  I suppose I was equally stunned 22 months earlier when Aaron announced with complete jubilation, "It's a BOY!!!"  But, for some reason I just couldn't comprehend the responsibility of raising a baby girl.  Crazy- I know. I happen to be a full fledged female, was raised in a household of estrogen, and at the time, I had 2 glorious nieces (now I have 4.)   I had finally figured out the speed of boys: FAST and FASTER!  Until Wyatt came along, I was clueless to the energy level little boys possess!  They are ALTOGHER different species!  Would I be able to slow down and switch gears completely? Would she politely ask this of me or demand it? How in the world would we handle hormones, make-up,dating, boyfriends....OH MY! 

 "Well, what do you want to name her?" Aaron gently asked.  As if this was even up for discussion...Emma Kate was and always has been Emma Kate!!! We hadn't even talked about baby girl names as we were certain Emma would be a boy.  Boys were we wrong!  As soon as I saw the screen I fell (even more) head over heels in love with this marvelous baby/girl/woman.  The vulnerability and responsibly of raising a little girl was really too much for me to wrap my mind around.

Fast forward 5.5 amazingly sweet baby girl is an incredibly inquisitive, insightful, strong (literally and figuratively) part girly-girl, part tom- boy, ever articulate force to be reckoned with.  Oh is she ever!  To date her career choices vacillate between cashier (they get all the money), principal, teacher or doctor.   I know beyond a shadow of a doubt whatever life path she chooses to take, my Emma Kate will ROCK IT!

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