Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Magical, Marvelous, Mirbeau!

I can't think of any place I'd rather retreat to than this little slice of heaven called Mirbeau.  Snow rapidly fell and the wind started to howl as we packed up and headed out.  We kissed the kids goodbye knowing they were left in completely capable hands and didn't look back.  As we entered the gates of Mirbeau, tension and stress magically melted away.  There is something very surreal as you look at the picturesque landscape, listen to the 1940’s French music that is played throughout the surroundings, that truly transforms and takes you away to the magical  Provincial region of France.  Once you step through the doors at Mirbeau you're reminded what makes this Inn so special and unique; it is utterly and completely pleasing to all five senses!  

Time after time I am left in awe of the decadence life has to offer.  For 48 hours we enjoyed every second of the good life.    Hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep, breakfast in bed, mineral baths, eucalyptus infused sauna treatments, running followed by yoga sessions and tons of much needed quiet time.  The highlight of the stay for me was the most brilliant spa treatment I have EVER experienced (and I have experienced many!)  The French Countryside Vichy Scrub..... OH MY GOSH!!!  I truly lack the words to adequately articulate how pleasurable this experience was.  Allison, the amazing woman who made it her mission to make sure I left completely satisfied, treated me to a spa experience that will be tough to top!… wow... check it out.  AMAZING! 


An experience like this can leave a girl famished and downright exhausted.  So, back to bed I went, for a nap.  Dinner followed at the Sherwood Inn, a new find for us.  Our food was amazing- the red pepper bisque was out of this world!!!   For me there is something so wonderful with comfortable silence; not needing to fill every minute with words.  We had the most enjoyable dinner and got the biggest kick watching an ice fisherman walk across the lake to catch his dinner.  Aaron appeased me and we played a great game of scrabble by the fireplace in the wine bar.   We shared dessert and sipped coffee (tea for me) and stretched our minds….that is true love his part, as I can tell you, playing scrabble was the last thing he wanted to do!!!                                                       


We stretched out every minute of our mandatory marital maintenance retreat, and returned back home to our reality for the better.   We were greeted by two children who were very happy to see us, even happier nonnies, and a tremendous amount of SNOW. 

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Anonymous said...

Your father and I found the Sherwood Inn MANY MANY years ago, when I stole your father away for a magical manditory marriage retreat. We ate there and also had a wonderful meal. They have a huge Christmas tree, beautifully decorated at Christmas there also. We slept somewhere else---can't evev remember where, but for us also, it was nice to get away. Love you, me