Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Fun

The days are getting longer, and if I try really hard I hear brids chipping away, reassuring me better weather is on its way.  Living in CNY my whole life, you would think I have this winter thing down.  Truth is I don't.  Winter is my least favorite season.  My husband I  are polar opposites in this regard.  He comes ALIVE in frigid temperatures.  Aaron is one of the few people who will actually run outside in sub zero weather and LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!  To make winter a bit more bearable for myself, that and I actually want to spend time with my man, I learned how to ski.  After years of falling, a bruised ego and a black and blue body, I finally got it and love it!  My kids have been on skies since the age of two.  Wyatt bombs the slopes like a pro (such a blast to watch!)  Emma is taking her time learning.  Her daddy is the most patient instructor, he has been doing this for years.  We keep telling ourselves it will be worth it!  We are looking forward to lots of family time on the trails.  This year has been an exception; we have only skied once!  UGH!  Every other weekend we have been plagued with illness.  We are praying for healthy kids thisweek so we can get out at least once over winter break and ski.

Yesterday the sun was shinning and it was a beautiful winter Sunday.  After church we decided to meet my older sister and nieces and go skating at an indoor rink. As a child I spent countless hours at our city's outdoor skating rink.  I was Kristi Yamaguchi on skates.   Fast forward 20 years and I looked more like a clown on stilts trying to ice skate.  In some ways I felt like a rat spinning round and round in a ball- round round the rink.  I quickly snapped out of my complaining mode (thanks to Kelly)  and really enjoyed a new activity with the people I love most.   The cold air and the use of muscles I haven't used in years all proved to be a successful recipe for a fun filled afternoon.



kelly1 said...

Love the pictures. Who needs skiing when you can skate? We'll be doing triple axels before the end of the winter!

Melanie said...

Love it! That looks like so much fun!!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to do something I hadn't done in 15 years---and not fall. Yep---I looked pretty funny too, on skates---but it sure was fun---and it did get better. How many calories does skating burn??? Not enough:) mom