Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Long Household Disinfectants

I have come to the conclusion that my 95 year old grandmother really is the smartest person on the planet.  Yes, I tell her this all the time.  So here is the bottom line: since November my family has been fighting the common flu, cold, ear infections, hives, stomach bug, common flu, cold, ear infections, sinus infection......repeat.....begin again- you get the drift, .  I have EVERY disinfectant known to man; and have rubbed my hands raw (no worries, I have smartened up, now I wear gloves) trying to CLEAN my house.  Of course I have opened all the windows, washed laundry in scalding water with baking soda and mopped with vinegar- all to no avail.  No sooner do I send my kids back to school (healthy of course) they return home with a different variation of the sickness they started with. 

Here is the thing- all these various products claiming to kills germs and rid my house of all this illness just isn't working.  LITERALLY!  Based on our health record over the past 3 months, you would think we smoke 18 packs of cigarettes a day, eat fast food around the clock and live like pigs.... (No condemnation of course if you do.)

"Ha, you kids..." my grandmother laughs as she talks about the lengths my generation goes through to CLEAN a house.  And she's got a point.  She's 95, healthier than a horse, cleans her house 1 time a week., doesn't use anti bacterial anything, no Clorox wipes- nothing, just plain old soap that probably was expired and on sale at the dollar store!  But here's the thing- she is HEALTHY!  Yes, she is exposed to germs and sure her resistance is low, after all she is 95!!!  Make no mistake-I am not poking fun; on the contrary, I'm fuming mad.  I'm done with sickness.  DONE!  Once again, I'm going back to the basics.  Washing hands with soap and cleaning with soap and possibly saving a few bucks in the process.

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