Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Month In

Who knew less than one month into my blog experiment I would have over 900 hits spanning 2 continents! WHOOHOO!  I'm always wondering who in Canada and Mexico have read my blogs- too fun!  My loyal cousins represent England and occasionally check in or  perhaps  it's Kate Middleton or Prince William ( a girl can wish!) 

This all began as an experiment to myself.  I am not much of a risk taker and don't like learning on the fly.  The fact that I was able to get a blog up and running is a miracle in and of itself.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my muses; your encouragement and great responses have been awesome-I love hearing from you!

I have tried to figure out why some of your comments haven't registered on the blog itself.  The majority I receive, however, a few of you have let me know there have been issues posting the comments; not sure why.  I will try to figure this out but can't make any promises!!  I have been asked about subscriptions and feeds.  I don’t' have much experience with this, but I am  looking into it, so give it a try.

On a side note.  To the right of my blog entry you will find an advertisement of some sort.  If you would be so kind and click on the site, I get a commission percentage, not much, but hey even $10 is better than nothing.  All you have to do is click on it!

Keep the comments comming!

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Amanda said...

You are doing a wonderful job Katie! I look forward to reading your posts!