Monday, February 7, 2011

Dancing In The Dark

Tonight I happened upon Springsteen playing a NYC show on Palladia.  BINGO. I am drawn like a mouth to a flame.  Immediately my heart skips a beat.  Our love affair has spanned decades.  I can't explain it; I don't even try.  I have seen more shows then I care to say.  I have never been disappointed.  Aaron even became a lover after the first 5 minutes of a Buffalo show; by the end he was hooked for life.  Bruce just rocks.  PERIOD.  I will be forever grateful to my Mary T. for introducing me.  Secretly, I want to be Patti Sciafla, (his leading lady and  backup vocalist) as I know he is singing "She's the One" to me!

Thankfully my prayers to love Christian music as much as I love Bruce have come true.  It is a completely a God thing.   Thankfully my heart is big enough to love both!  Picture it- Wyatt jammin on his red electric guitar, Emma jumping on the couch with her microphone and me singing and dancing like a crazy person. This video is guaranteed to make you happy and dance; that is....if you LOVE BRUCE! For me, it is pure bliss....Me Encanta!

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