Friday, January 28, 2011

Up Up and Away

This is the first Blog I have ever written.  I take that back.  I got my feet wet last year when I became obsessed with Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministries blog  I realize there is a prettier way of linking that site, however, I am green to this....really green. I am learning a new whole new language here.  I have complete respect and appreciation  for those who fully comprehend  "computer" language.  I do not.  I am learning how to speak this crazy language and realize I need to have more patience with my wonderfully wild 7 year old  boy who is learning how to read.  At some point I am sure there will be a blog about that in and of itself.  None the less, I am up and running, and look forward to seeing how this evolves...if it evolves. Any advice on Blog etiquette is greatly appreciated.  Be kind.

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