Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mother-In-Law

The title in and of itself speaks volumes. MOTHER-IN-LAW.   Hives and welts may appear at just the mere thought of her.   Or, the idea of celebrating ONE MORE Christmas in HER house might lead to drastic measures-NOT EVER celebrating Christmas again!  I am always amused to listen to my girlfriends "talk" about the women who bore their husbands.  After all, I would think, the woman who raised your one true love just might be your best ally.  For the most part she “made” him who he is….didn’t she?  For better or worse! 

This is what I found after doing a quick blog search. Who knew there are lists and lables and resources all concerning mother-in-laws!  These were my favorites: The Sweet Mom, The Busy Body, The Nerve Wrecker, The Stone Cold Mother, and last but not least ….The “B” From Hell”!.  If you need a good laugh, have a look for yourself; I promise it really will make you laugh out loud.

I come from a family of girls.   A mom who really sets the bar so ridiculously high, that I spent way too much money to mention in therapy coming to the realization (which of course I already knew) that I will never be HER.  Two sisters who are incredibly amazing in their own regard and two nieces who are close to perfection!  Women can be tough.  Who am I kidding, women are TOUGH!  One of my initial thoughts that came to mind after my husband exclaimed, “IT’S A BOY!!!” was- someday I will be a MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!  That was a very sobering reality; because let’s face it, who wants to be labeled for a 1/3 of her life as, “The Busy Body; The Nerve Wrecker, The Stone Cold Mother, or (my personal favorite)The “B” from Hell!"  NOT ME!!!

Thankfully, I have learned from the world’s BEST mother-in-law.  Diane truly could receive the BEST Mother-In- Law award, for being the most accommodating, loving, and generous, sweet, caring, kind, thoughtful, gracious and humble person on the planet!  How she has endured and loved me for a daughter, (she has 3 boys God love her) this side of heaven, I will never know.  Happy Birthday, Di, to the BEST mother-in-law EVER!  I love you.

PS- She is the best cook and makes a sugar cookie worth fighting over!


kelly1 said...

Agreed - Diane is a fantastic mother-in-law, and there should be a patent on her cookies. Just the thought of them makes my mouth water.

I liked your third paragraph best...something along the line of "two sisters...amazing..." - you get the idea! :)

This is way faster than publishing a book. Keep writing, Kate! XOXO

Kerri Sullivan said...

I am one of the lucky ones too Kate that gets to say I have an amazing Mother In Law also! She treats me like her own as well as the rest of his amazing family. Having two boys of my own I only hope I can live up to being the same some day. Great Blog!